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Tamara Design Services Creative Direction

Creative Direction

Tamara Design Services provides creative direction by researching and developing mood, colour and trend boards; as well as garment styling, product details, branding design and POS.

Textile Print Design

We love textile print design, as it feels like the closest thing to doing art, for work. Helping businesses and brands to realise their vision for their range designs, is something we are passionate about.

Tamara Design Services Textile Print Design
Tamara Design Services Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Need help with your visual communication or branding? Our designer can work with you to create designs that suit the needs of your project.

Website Design

Before settling in Fashion Tamara worked for a number of years in Website design, so we like to offer this to all clients.

Tamara Design Services Website Design
Tamara Design Services Storyboards and Garment Sketching

Story Boards and Garment Sketching

Do you need help to visually communicate your range ideas and draw up your designs? We can help with garment sketching and story boards. Our designer can either work from hand drawn sketches or discuss and work out the brief with you.

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Tamara Design Services can help with all your design needs. Whether it be Creative Direction, Design of your next collection or some other type of design, dip in and out of what you need. We like clients to feel we are an extension of their business.

We specialise in the fashion and textiles industry but we are not limited to that.

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