Flower Power Collection

Dolls and Girlswear Collection designed for pocket squad GIRLS

For this project I worked in collaboration with Kristy Elsworth and A Fitting Connection to design and develop a set of dolls and a girlswear collection based around helping to eradicate bullying and encourage inclusive play.

The dolls were a follow on from the first squad of dolls. These were designed to not only help communicate a girls’ everyday girl powers but they needed to be relatable by looking like young girls instead of women. They became a little collection of superheros with powers like kind and brave. Read more behind the story on the news page.

Kristy was also aware that there were not enough pockets in clothing for these kind of dolls, that were intended to be taken everywhere, including the playground. So we worked on a range of garments to go with dolls that were focused on having pockets that fitted the dolls.

This was the Spring/Summer 2020/2021 doll squad and collection.

To see the current collection go to the website.

Photography by @minimopeeps and @stephthoms



“Tamara was an absolute dream to work with. Using her vast skills and experience she was able to improve all facets of our storyboard presentation and design processes. Producing style boards and individual garment design for the sports industry; our clients were impressed with the attention to detail and Tamara’s ability to incorporate fashion elements into the uniforms.”

Key Account Manager – Macron Sportswear

“Tamara plays a big part of our team at A Fitting Connection. No matter the type of design job we throw at Tamara she understands exactly want the clients wants and needs and hits a home run each time. Tamara’s eye for design maybe her biggest strength but it’s closely followed by her understanding on how to make the designs also functional. A Fitting Connection wouldn’t be the same without her.”


A Fitting Connection Testimonial Logo

“Working with Tarmi on the rebranding of Deborah Selleck Couture has been a pleasure! From initial concept and overall feel of the website redesign Tarmi guided us with a sure hand in creating a beautiful website. Her knowledge of visual communication and sound technical skills were applied to the marketing images chosen for our Lookbook to create a cohesive style that conveys the luxury and fun of the brand. She is in touch with how images make you feel , she is a born storyteller!“



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